Thursday, April 17, 2008

Garden Update

Not much has happened since the last post. It got colder for awhile, then we had a few warm days, and now it is overcast and colder again, threatening to rain. I wish it would rain, I think the plants would like it. So far, I have a few more crocus blooming.

I think this is sedum. It is by the back door. It was one of the first things to start sprouting, but it won't bloom until late summer. It is a nice looking plant. I think it needs to be divided, but I probably won't get around to it this year.

This is the side yard. On the left, I think are the day lilies starting to come up - these are orange and yellow, I call them Tiger Lillies, but not sure if that is what they really are. On the right, you can see a few tulips. I think they are red. These were all planted before I bought the house.

This is garlic, I think it is "Hardy German Garlic". I got this from Seed Savers Exchange. It is supposed to do well in the north. I planted it in the fall and mulched with pine needles. There are about 4 or more garlic shoots coming up. I don't remember how many I planted.

I think these are irises. My mom brought me some iris roots from my grandfather. I love irises. I hope these bloom nice.
I don't know how to rotate this photo and I don't know what this is. I believe it is some sort of flower. It was one of the first things to grow in the garden last year, too. It is in the middle of the day lillies.

And, finally... More crocus! These are in the front by the peonies. These came with the house and they are beautiful!


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